Commuter titles unite to demonstrate that the best things in life are free

Metro recently teamed up with London Evening Standard and commissioned Benchmarketing to research the impact of free newspapers on advertising campaigns, and can reveal that they deliver three and a half times greater return on investment for advertisers when included on their media plans.

In certain categories this return can be even greater – in the travel and transport sector there is an up to six times return on investment, and the finance sector benefits from a five times harder working campaign when using free print.

Metro and Evening Standard are read by 14.4 million people each year, and 4 million every weekday. The combined urban readership is on average 21 years younger, highly educated and typically employed (1.4million degree educated readers each day, with 75% in full time employment compared to 50% nationally).

As predominantly commuter titles, both newspapers believe the daily commute plays a big part in these findings as 77% of readers spend at least an hour commuting each day. It’s a productive time when 73% catch up on news, over a third research and plan future purchases as well as drop into shops and make purchases on mobile.

Feedback provided by readers of both titles as part of the research shows that 83% feel free newspapers help them to enjoy the commute and 73% think they are as good as paid-for papers.

Sophie Robinson, Creative Director, Metro, said: “The time is right for free newspapers to shout about their power. It’s well known how valuable our young urban professional audiences are, but now we have the ROI figures to give the brands the confidence they need to grow their investment. It’s an exciting time to be in free print.”

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