Metro reports on how its readers buy and consume FMCG brands

The morning commute is a key time to influence people in their FMCG purchases. 2.3million workers every weekday read Metro during this time so we wanted to find out more about their habits and behaviours to show FMCG brands how they can stand out and appeal to this valuable audience at a crucial part of the day.

We found that the positive mood of our working readers during this time means that Metro’s influence continues throughout the working day, informing lunch choices and even non-food purchases when they want an excuse to get away from their desks.  The office environment encourages sharing and, as they have an emotional relationship with many FMCG brands, we realised workers like to have preferred products with them in the office – a sort of home away from home.

Traditionally FMCG brands have targeted housewives but as the large majority of adults are out of the house for an average of nine hours per day during the week, Metro believes its working readers are just as valuable.

They earn £6.5k more than average and are big foodies with busy lives trying to balance work and pleasure. Male or female, they also care about their image which is an added bonus!

Our research discovered how integral FMCG products are to the working day, how needs and behaviours change according to the day of the week and how people have both a functional and emotional relationship with them. It also identified how Metro’s audience behaves with FMCG purchases specifically and shows how important it is to this sector.

A few examples of the research can be seen here:

In addition, our findings revealed that there are specific behaviours that exist amongst people in the workplace. From these personality traits, we developed five characters.

There’s the one who always has a drawer full of tea bags and snacks, paracetamol and deodorant – you know the one. We’ve called them the Mother Hen of the office. Then there’s the Hipster Dog who knows everything about the latest product and makes sure everyone knows about it.

The Kitty Cat is happy to contribute and share just as long as they get good value and the Ant Man is so organised, he has all his preferred products stocked up on his desk so he never runs out. And, finally, there’s the Vulture who is first to take a slice of birthday cake and you can guarantee is the person responsible for your missing hand cream.

To find out which character you are, complete our fun quiz HERE.

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