Just Another Day

It turns out a lot of our media friends are just like our readers and see Valentine’s Day as just another day (49% – City Story research).
Read on to find out why…

Girlfriend’s at work all day so will likely spend most of the day playing Zelda. Works for me!Jonathan Melton, Starcom
This Valentines day will just be like another night out for me. Because if you’re single that is exactly what it is. But instead of eating chocolate someone has bought you, you buy it yourself. I will draw on a cat face, and party in a strip club. So also just another night out…Katie Mack, ZenithOptimedia
Because people should be romantic more than once a year, not just on one day!Lexi Booker, MediaCom
Love should happen every day – not just once a year. Plus, smug couples are the worst thing in the world.Robert Honeywood, The Story Lab
Valentine’s Day is just another day, because I will be spending just as much time in bed with just as much Netflix and pizza being just as single as I was the day before and will be the day after. Claire Elsworth, Initiative
Valentine’s Day is just another day for me, because I show those I love how I feel 365 days a year (I have a day off in a leap year). Beth Davis, The 7Stars
I am pretty much broke 365 days of the year, Hallmark Day is no different. Nick Langworthy, MediaCom
Because it is so commercialised that its become silly how inflated everyone’s opinions (and prices) are of the day. It has just lost meaning when it feels like an obligation that you have to go out and spend 5 x as much just as it is a specific day. Me and my partner tend to choose a day around it to have a day off to ourselves, we’ll go for a meal if we fancy it but most importantly we’ll just take a day to be in each other’s company. Oh and also it her Mum’s birthday the day after Valentines so we’re already having to go to a forced fun event around then anyway!Paul Chatwyn, ZenithOptimedia
Valentine’s Day is just a ploy for couples to make a song and dance about doing what they should already be doing throughout the year – celebrating their partner. There should be a day dedicated to celebrating single people instead – a bit of appreciation for the wonderful souls who are glossed over by this date! 😀Charlotte Healy, Maxus
It’s just another day because if you truly love someone they won’t need a specific day to know it! 😀Kristin Bayliss, Starcom
Because it is literally just another day. People are still born and die, the world keeps spinning and bills still need to be paid.

If you want to be romantic with your other half you should be romantic when the mood takes you not when you are told to. Apart from anything else it will never be appreciated in the same way, because it’s expected.

If you think I’m being cynical that fine but I bet you £100 Selfridges vouchers that if you had a test group of boyfriends and split them into two groups.

Those that have to give their girlfriend a bunch of flowers on 17th January
Those that give their girlfriend a bunch of flowers on 14th January.

Group 1 is going to get a much better reaction from their other halves than Group 2. The reason for that? Romance isn’t a date and it isn’t forced. It happens whenever and wherever. Valentine’s day is a lovely thought but if you’re not romancing your partner all year round, then a trip to Paris or mulberry bag is not going to change the fact that you are a sub-standard boyfriend. Michael Thomas, Maxus
It follows from the 13th to the 14th… Just another day.Rocky Wadhawan, M2M
Valentine’s Day is just another day to tell people that they suck a little less than everyone else!Jack Davidson, The Story Lab
There are 365 days in the year and the day in which you choose to show your affection towards someone shouldn’t be dictated by a fabricated day. Chelsea Charles, MGOMD
Of course Valentines is a marketing ploy to guilt lovers into splurging out on each other but really lets face it, its a great excuse to do something fun in Feb! Its dark and cold so whether you are single or coupled why argue, just pop open some bubbly and party on! #eternaloptimismwinsAnna Rose, Carat

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