Mail Brands and Metro bag 12-month Lidl Partnership

11th March 2016: Mail Brands UK and Metro today announce the launch of a major 12-month brand partnership with Lidl. The deal, worth £2.8m, is the biggest of its type across parent company dmg media’s portfolio of brands.

The cross platform partnership, launches this Sunday (13th March), and encompasses two primary campaign themes. A Lidl bit more; showcasing the breadth of Lidl’s product range to main shoppers and mums, and A Lidl drop of wine; appealing to drinks connoisseurs and younger wine enthusiasts by focusing on Lidl’s specialist ‘Wine Cellar’ ranges.

The activity, negotiated by Starcom, will feature a combination of high-profile advertising placements, including front page (print and online) splashes, as well as branded content features across the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, Metro and MailOnline.

Melanie Scott, Chief Revenue Officer, Mail Brands UK said: “This is an ambitious and exciting campaign and Mail Brands is in a fantastic position to help Lidl target the new audiences it wants to reach. Our cross-platform scale will allow Lidl to take full advantage of the massive power of our brands and alongside Metro we look forward to delivering a compelling, creative campaign across print and digital.”

Grant Woodthorpe, Trading Director, Metro said: “This campaign presents a great opportunity for Lidl to engage with our urbanite audience and vice-versa. The commitment to a 12-month partnership means we’ll be able to make the most of Metro’s innovative approach to ad placement and branded content, helping Lidl to really grab readers’ attention and tell their story in new and engaging ways.”

Sam Gaunt, Head of Media, Lidl UK, said: “This is a major partnership for Lidl focusing on two of our biggest priorities; educating shoppers across the UK about the range of fantastic products in offer in our stores and leading the way in making top quality, exciting wines available to customers at excellent prices. By working with Mail Brands and Metro we’re looking forward to building a continuous dialogue with those core audiences.”

The A Lidl bit more campaign, targeting mums and main shoppers, will deliver a series of exclusive vouchers with new and special offers on everything from luxurious lobsters to dapper denim. Front page advertising placement, sponsored content and emails will encourage readers to redeem the vouchers in store and content will be themed to calendar events throughout the year, starting with Lidl’s handy tips for Easter.

The A Lidl drop of wine campaign will inspire younger wine lovers to feel more confident buying and discussing wine and give readers who are already wine-savvy exclusive tips from experts, presented by Lidl. A new wine column will appear in Metro’s ‘Home’ section, targeting the paper’s 1.6m strong wine-buying audience. Mail Brands will feature Lidl wines in EVENT magazine alongside its popular food and drink columns, launch a monthly full page Lidl Wine Cellar feature in EVENT magazine and further content throughout the year in Weekend magazine, plus digital native content to engage younger MailOnline readers.

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