MailOnline and Metro unveil nine rules for marketing to millennials

London, 18th April 2016: MailOnline and Metro are today unveiling the results of Millennial Rules, a ground-breaking joint research project on what makes the millennial generation tick.

MailOnline and Metro, who combined reach 82% of UK millennials every month, embarked on the research to provide advertisers with a unique and useable insight into the behaviours, motivations and preferences of 18-34 year old consumers. The project culminated in the creation of nine simple rules spelling out what to do, and what to avoid, when marketing to millennials.

The research, carried out with media research expert Neil Sharman and insight agency Crowd DNA, also identified eight key ‘traits’ common to the highly diverse generation, centred around the influences of technology and social media, the societal pressures millennials face and their attitudes towards brands and buying.

Melanie Scott, Chief Revenue Officer, Mail Brands UK and Sophie Robinson, Creative Director, Metro said: “We reach a huge portion of UK millennials every month and we know how important this audience has become for advertisers, so it made perfect sense for us put our combined resources into a really useful piece of insight that cuts through all the noise and buzz around this hot topic. We think the nine, simple rules will be hugely helpful for advertisers and can’t wait to get them out to the market.”

Full details of the project can be found on the Millennial Rules website which houses a full research summary, available to download as a comprehensive pdf document; easy-to-use summaries, and infographics describing each of the nine ‘rules’.

Agencies and advertising clients will be sent a series of daily emails over the next nine days, with each containing an infographic for one of the Millennial Rules and a related competition offering daily prizes, including a holiday to South Africa, Tokyo, Bali or Canada.

Following this nine-day activation, on 28th April, a major competition will be launched asking agencies and brands to pitch for a campaign using the Millennial Rules principles, with an opportunity to win a free cross-platform campaign with MailOnline and Metro.

On the same day, MailOnline and Metro teams will be visiting agencies across London to set up a series of ‘millennial helpdesks’ providing further advice and tips on millennial marketing.

The nine Millennial Rules

  1. Embrace differences
  2. Nurture success
  3. Sell lifestyles
  4. Ease pressure
  5. Be inspiring
  6. Give, don’t just take
  7. Keep it real
  8. Don’t irritate
  9. Impress and entertain

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