Digital Editions

Because our Urbanite audience is accustomed to all the benefits that technology affords, Metro produces special digital editions of Metro for phones and tablets every weekday. Each contains all the best bits from the newspaper plus additional content like live and trending stories, puzzles and games, visually striking photo galleries and other extras that leverage the benefits and functionality of mobile devices. They give our audience the right variety of content to engage with anytime, anywhere.

Our award winning Tablet Edition is available twice daily – an auto-downloadable morning edition with hassle-free access to all of our interactive content and an evening edition which aggregates the best content from throughout the day. Having two editions at different day parts allows us appeal to how our Urbanites use tablets. This peaks in the morning at home or on the commute, then again in the evening when they are in a more relaxed and ‘browse to entertain’ mindset.

And our mobile optimised phone edition auto-downloads from 4am each weekday morning, ensuring the latest edition is ready for when our readers wake up, allowing them to get on with their day and access it on their phones as and when they choose.

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