Metro Digital Edition

Digital Editions are responsively designed so every campaign is delivered to all mobile, tablet and desktop devices. The app audience is highly engaged spending on average 28 minutes in the app per user per day. This high user engagement has a significant impact on the engagement in advertising with the average dwell time on an interstitial ad being 8 seconds and the average click through rate being 2%, which is 40% higher than the average CTR on a standard web placement (o.o5% CTR). This means that advertising in the Metro app is incredibly effective.

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Let us do the hard work

We can take any print ad and create HTML5 animated creative to run in the app so it’s never been easier to extend you campaign beyond press. We’ll even do it for free!

Landscape Tablet

Portrait Tablet
Push Notifications

This high-impact solution is perfect for promoting offers, competitions or helping to drive physical or digital footfall and is made up of three elements.

Firstly, the alert message is sent to the home screen of over 800,000 subscribers for maximum reach and standout. This clicks through to an interstitial than can further communicate the message, host data entry forms or coupons to promote entry or redemption.

Finally, we will run a banner message which sits within the app to reinforce a message to an interstitial or website.

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