Rush Hour Crush

Thanks to all of you who sent us your Media Rush Hour Crushes this week – here’s a selection of some of the cheeky messages we received…

If you think someone is talking about you and want to find out who click here and let Cupid do the rest!

To the Brazilian planner in Farringdon…let’s work late one night, and maybe I can show you the response in my briefs…Anonymous, St Johns Square
To Ian ‘ITV’ Daly. You just wait for this candy, hunny. Anon, The 7Stars
Charlie Ullah – MEC, absolute worldy. Hilarious, really good at planning, great skier, she’s just the whole package.The man with the slightly Amish beard
To the planner that continues to reduce my print budgets due to limited audience size – i’ll show you my increasing distributionAnon, 60 St Martins Lane
To the dark & handsome DAX Street Boy at Global Radio. Don’t be patient, it could be magic, so come and relight my fire…Carat blondie
To the Australian guy who sits on opposite me on the First Floor…Jamaican’me crazy!Cheeky chappy, Clerkenwell
Aladdin, I am your Jasmin. Take me on a magical carpet ride? Anon, The 7Stars
To Austin Goh @ Mediacom – You have always been my true first Media Boyfriend, and there will always be a lot of time and space for you in my heart, ever since we discovered our shared love of all things Dr Who. Although we’ve grown apart and moved to different agencies, I’m still wishing you to come and sweep me away in your Tardis of love.Your Media Girlfriend xx
To the brunette on the 4th floor – fancy a 24×4 in the back half? I’m the man that always delivers deep penetration into your target market.Daniel Booth, Havas
It was love at first … megabyte
Bounce rates jumped from the first night
Engagements rocketed and took flight
We’ve never had a fight
Because she’s so polite
She is my one true light
And I am her white knight (but black)
Tayo Ologbenla, ZenithOptimedia
The ball is in your court Asian girl with the Belfast accent at the Tennis @ the O2. There were plenty of love games on the court so let’s make love off it… I think your ace.Essex’s Answer to Rodger Federer
Will Jellico makes my legs feel like jelly-o.All the ladies at the 7Stars
Willy (Wreckit) Beckett, working tirelessly as our Metro rep you stole the west sides (right atria and ventricles) of our (yes, this is from not one but 4 admirers) hearts. Showered by your Becketts of love (you know with holes in to form a make-shift shower like they do in Oz. I assume the bucket showers are made by hitting a bucket with a cricket bat with nails stuck in it. We now realise that there’s a disturbing mixed analogy between beating a bucket like a piñata and you but we know you’ll understand us as no-one understands us like you). Anyway, you con-crete-plete [schoolyard] us with your magical voice and while we reckon you couldn’t take Arsan in a fight, we think that’d be really hot.Happy Valentine’s! Fab Four, Walker Media

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