Barking mad? Ice cream for dogs is here

Pet Pavillion

Humid hair days, sweaty commutes and having to shave your legs every day: the summer struggle is real for us humans. But if you think you’re having a bad time of it, spare a thought for your four-legged friends, who are wandering around in fur coats they can’t take off when it gets too hot. Pedigree pet shops Pet Pavilion might just have come up with the cutest solution to doggy overheating yet: a gelateria for pooches. The gelato stand serves up flavours that include strawberry and apple and honey and banana, specially formulated to keep dogs cool and also provide them with a healthy dose of fruit, veg, aloe vera and flaxseed oil. The best bit? All ingredients are human-grade, so you can share a scoop or two with your pooch. The gelateria can be found at Pet Pavilion’s Chelsea branch, but the ice cream brand, Billy and Margot, is also found at the chain’s Kensington and Wimbledon stores.

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