Indian tapas for the win


We really like curry and we really like tapas, so when Chai Naasto– Hammersmith’s new Indian tapas restaurant – came to town, we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to try it out. Cosy and welcoming, this little restaurant is run by a family of culinary wizards, who have taken inspiration for their delicious sharing plates from their grandmother (cute). The result? A mouth-wateringly good menu which allows you to try lots of new things in one go – which is great for piggies like us! We went for some of the bog-standard Indian grub like lamb samosas, which were pretty good. But what we really enjoyed was Sardar’s Pav Bhaji Fondue. A blend of spicy veggie curry with Gruyère cheese and brioche for dipping, this little number was the absolute tits – especially as we could dip everything else we had in it, too. We’d recommend giving it a try. And go with everyone you can find so you can try as much as possible without being judged.

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You turn me naan

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