Outdoor cinematics from Nomad Cinema

Nomad 2 Photography Sarah Ginn.jpg

Cinemas are great, but they’re a bit dark, a bit loud and you generally get popcorn stuck on the bottom of your shoes. Well listen up, because we’ve got the perfect solution. Travelling movie theatre Nomad Cinema is back for summer 2017 with pop-ups all across our glorious city – but we’re particularly keen for the Grosvenor Square installation. Kicking off with everyone’s new favourite film La La Land and continuing with classics like Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and Top Gun, Nomad will be running alongside the annual Summer in the Square and the Grosvenor Film Festival. To get in on all of this film-tastic excitement, simply click the link below to book yourself a seat.

£20 – £25, July 7 – 21, W1K

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